Events & Nodes

Event represents each lead's action which send to Giga. You can response many times per lead message. For example, if lead text: "hello", then you can response "hi!", then response "how can I help you today?". For each a group of event - responses we called Node.

Types of Event

When leads send text to Giga.
When leads tap on any payload button or Quick Replies.


As mentioned above, Node is an event with a set of responses. So basically, Bot is constituted by Nodes. For example:

// This is a Node

// People text is an action
People text: 'Do you like watching movie?'

// Bot answers are responses
Bot answers: 'Yes. The Walking Dead for sure.'
Bot answers: 'And you?'

Response Leads

To response leads, we'll create Nodes, both Bot Buider and Giga API brings a convenience way to do that.