Bot Builder

Bot Buider brings a convenience way for you to create Nodes for response to leads action. By using drag and drop interface, you don't have to be a geek to create an awesome bot.

Start Using Bot Builder

To start using Bot Builder, go to Dashboard \ Giga AI \ Bot Builder. You'll see a sleek Visual Builder with Live Preview.

Giga Messenger Bot Builder

Responding People Actions

To response to each people action, we can create a node for related action. This part show you how to do it with Bot Designer.

  • In When drop down, select an action.

    • If you select Text, you'll see a Content text box. Which allows you define what message content to response.
    • If you select Click, you'll see a dropdown which allows you select what button which people click to response.
  • In Bot answer with drop down, select a message type to response. Note that Receipt is not available for Bot Designer since it requires dynamic data.